thoughts 머릿말

When I was a little girl, I remember following frogs, trying to catch them. They led me to the ocean from the hills that I used to play on. From there, at the edge of the water, I would watch the mysterious movements of earthworms, or snails. This made me look down and discover the small animals and beautiful plants that would surround them. As a result, I fell in love with rainy days in particular, and nature in general. I was born and grew up in the city, but it has been always the experience with nature that captures me the most. The owls in the zoo next to my school attracted me as well, so every day after school, I would go there to see them, draw them, and talk to them. I would tell them that someday I would free them all from their jail.

I create stories about change and adaptation between humans and nature, the stories then inspire me to create images. I see nature as the origin of harmony and communication, and animals as messengers to nature for mankind who is lost, and looking for their nature. I act as a translator and storyteller between different creatures and the world. I capture each moment of my understanding, the interaction between humans and nature, and I directly transform it onto the paper, etching plate, or canvas. There are no logical plans, references, or sketching first, so always the first image is the final image. This artistic manner in myself naturally came from Ancient Korean artists who admire nature and live in it. I am translating the essence of the traditional method into contemporary art through my work. The whole process of being a storyteller and a translator strongly tells me who I am, and what I do as an artist.

We all know that a good person can be a bad artist.
But no one will ever be a genuine artist unless he is a great human being and thus also a good one.
Marc Chagall

"If you had only twenty-four hours left to live, what would you do?"
Basquiat said,
"I don't know. I'd go hang out with my mother and my girlfriend, I guess."