art space 이웃의 고양이님들

Nu has been participated in this sweet and environment friendly project called "ArtSpace" by creating cat paintings on recycled matchbox as below.

ArtSpace #5: Nu Ryu

ArtSpace #5: Nu Ryu
Ditmas Park, NY
March 27, 2012 2:33 am ET | P

Weekly theme: porches

Artist: Nu Ryu

A: How does living in Ditmas Park feed/inspire/affect your work?

Nu: I had been a visitor to the neighborhood for a few years to see some friends before moving to the area. I would like to make a balance between crazy art scene and peaceful personal life, and Ditmas Park became my secret on how to manage both. From here, I can have everything in 30 minutes: parks, ponds, ocean, trees, cats, flowers, Top Cafe Tibet, beautiful houses and streets, city, but mostly such sweet people that I love and who truly inspire me. When you love where you are, that will be your paradise.

A: What was your approach to this week’s theme – “porches”?

Nu: Porches for me, symbolize being welcomed back and being comforted. Whenever I open the door, my cat Pumpkin is always there for me. He runs to me, says hello, and rubs his body on my feet. I believe you have your beloved one who's been waiting for you when you open the door. Or if you are alone, there is "room" for you, and the space is still welcoming you. I made three cat paintings cut out from used matchbooks and photographed them on porches as if there are waiting for you to come home, just like Pumpkin does.

About Nu

Nu was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea and came to New York to earn her MFA at the School of Visual Arts. She is currently living and working in Brooklyn. Her work is inspired by nature, animals, and the interaction between herself and them. Nu's work has been featured in various galleries and art magazines in New York as well as internationally.

If you’d like to contact Nu about her work, she can be reached at: